Jem’s World

This story continues to develop very slowly.  I hope that it will have an unusual format.

Jem’s World

Whilst Jem had been resting in the underground space, he realised how much it felt like a tomb to him. But now his thoughts were elsewhere, for heading towards him was a familiar yellow car, with a red flyer chasing it. Both where running on the railway track that took workers to the northern territories. Both the elongated car and the red flyer an old executive aircraft minus its wings, were half hidden in the deep cracks which had formed in the earths crust. Formed when the earths nations had fought each other and blown their world apart.

Jem understood why he was trying to get to the Northern Territories, a place where a persons eyes could freeze solid in moments if the sun was obscured. He understood that only wealth guaranteed shelter in the far north of Ice World. And that wealth had to be in the form of ingots of rare … … … …

He knew that his future might rest upon if he was able to board the rapidly moving car, and then his future was only possible if the car could escape the red flyer.

You knew Jem was different as soon as you saw him. The dark coloured skin, his spikey ginger hair and the tattooed rings around his eyes led to him standing out. Most people were …

The flyer would not stop, could not stop. If it did the stresses upon it might tear it apart. Instead it would slow and Jem would have to run and jump aboard. That is after those who wanted to, had jumped off on the first part of the platform.
The flyer was cobbled together from several pre war items, its main body was part of a London Underground tube coach, its cab like front resembled a bonneted railcard, whilst the rear third looked as if it had once been part of a personal carrier from a North Sea underground mine. As the flyer slowed on approach to the platform, its various doors were heaved open, various pale faces appeared, four people were bundled off the moving train then Jem made his move, running as fast as he could parallel to the flyer, he grabbed a protruding handle and swung himself on board. As he staggered across the flyers floor he heard the doors being dragged shut. At first his untidy arrival was met with no reaction, until those present saw his facial tattoos. They moved back.

The Third World War came quietly, famines that destroyed nations, troubling events that led to nations pulling up the draw bridge, new leaders who wanted to out do their predecessors with nationalistic aims. Fewer still took note of  the gradual slipping of morals, even fewer questioned the failure to quell terrorism, or the turmoil that followed the wave of uprisings that rocked well established nations like Great Britain. Nations fractured into tribal grouping, then fractured again and again. The religious leaders lost control of their followers, as …

Travelling any distance since the fighting stopped was demanding, all the roads had been either torn apart as the earth trembled or burned away by atomic fires.

Footnote. I am sorry that time constraints are keeping me from putting Jem’s World into order.    01-04-2017

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