Tears in Heaven



Tears in Heaven is my second trilogy of short stories which I hope will fit well together. I intend to regularly add material here. At first under the title of. The Stone Man: …

This book will have an experimental and unusual format.


The Book of the Stone Man:

Testimony One: In the book of the Stone Man

She was powerful in the darkness of the night, shining deadly bright. Yes she may at first amaze you. That iridescent blue of her skin may seem welcoming, but flee whilst you can. Do not say that I did not warn you. For now that she is with you, death will travel across right across the realm. Even the clouds will flee, whilst the waters of the earth will return to Osiris. When Adrasteia releases her own iridescent blue cloud, all must first kneel before her, then fall prostrate on to the earth. Then her minions will come forth and harvest.

You may not wish to believe me, but I was one of the few who survived her first visit. She devoured every city of our known world in order to feed, even powerful Atlantis would fall beneath her. My friend Apollonius called her a foundling of the gods. My name, it does not matter, but I am the father of Benjamin and my story can be found within the story of my son known as Benjamin Blue.

When Adrasteia first arrived those who could, hurried to see her majesty. They thought that she was the most beautiful thing that they had ever seen. But I could not go with them as my wife was dying after the birth of Benjamin our first child.

When the clouds of blue gas started to come forth from Adrastiea I saw this from my home on the hill, and I saw what happened when it reached people. So I ran, yes I ran as fast as my legs would carry me and my new born son. I did not even stop to bury my wife, “god forgive me”, for I had seen what came forth from the abdomen of the goddess, things so hard to discribe, shaped like slugs yet with fins like fish. Fins which allowed them to swim within the deep blue liquid gas that now spewed forth from Adrasteia’s belly. The queen had started on her mission to change the earths atmosphere and so give life to her spawn. It was the spawn of Satan.

Testimony Two: In the book of the Stone Man
If you can read this then my work has been worthwhile, for dear reader I was at Alexandria when the spawn of Adrasteia arrived, I was the one sent by Sostratus of Canidus to carry his plans for the lighthouse from from his home in the hills to the library at Alexandria. I had stopped for a call of nature, then I saw her, her that we now call Adrasteia come of the mist. Like many camel trains that once called at Alexandria she settled at the great dock. I shall always remember the iridescent blue, and the officials lining up on the dock to greet her as if she was a goddess. I admit I was mesmerised, I must have stood for some time looking at her beauty. For the early morning mist had completely gone. I even found myself smiling when Adrasteia started to produce her own mist, a mist of a deep blue to match the colour of her skin. But then I saw the strange beings that floated forth from her belly. They were like giant worms, but worms with fins that swam in her blue mist. Then I became aware that people were kneeling then falling when the mist reached them, and that these strange beings seemed to be harvesting the fallen people. Yes I saw it as harvesting. Then I turned and ran, ran for my life. What happened next was recorded by myself in the annuals of Stone Age Man and his son Benjamin Blue. Inscribed in stone, for the papyrus plant is long gone, gone with all that grew on the vast land that was once Egypt.

Testimony Three: In the book of the Stone Man
My account of the coming of she who later became known as Adresteia may seem strange to you, but the people of the Lion of Sigiriya had lived in peace for so long that we feared no one. The lion had in our eyes a magical power, he protected us and we cared for him. We had had more than a millennium of peaceful existence. I was the first to see her from my vantage point as chief lookout. It was I who summoned the priests when Adresteia floated into our world. At first I had almost not believed my eyes, for the irrerdescences of her skin had almost matched the colour of midday sky. As it was one of those days when no clouds had appeared to break my vista, it was a vapour trail that drew my eyes to the vast blue craft.

The priests told me to stay at my post and to send a runner if other crafts appeared, for dispite her size they did not fear her. Most of the lions people left our mountain retreat to go and see this strangely hypnotic craft. The lion and my people died the day Adresteia arrived. For a blue vapour poured forth from the craft and spread across our land and beasts came out of its belly to devour my tribe. So that when Velchanos the Eagle arrived only a handful of us remained alive. The eagle carried those of us who remained north across a vast empty landscape. We where to see no other living being until we met the Stone Man. I was to learn later that the eagle saved humanity, without his help it is doubtful any living thing would have survived on our world.

Testimony Four: From the land of the Jaguar.

I Tzacab saw Cizin come out of Matil, her dress was the colour of the sky, she hung in the air, and sent for tribute. The priests feared her but the God of the sun told them to pay homage. But they might as well have gone to Xibalba, for Cizin sent out serpents who floated in a blue cloud, these serpents ate those who fell before them. So the god of the sun sent sacrificial offerings, but Cizin’s serpents would not stop devouring us. So the people called for Nacon and he was sent for, but he fell with the warriors who fought alongside him. The people called for Gucumatz who sent her son and he gathered the few of us left alive and carried us away. Now we live in fear at the cold gates to the nether world, and talk with the Stone Man.

Testimony Five: From Zhou

Confucius would have said, that, to know the extent of ones ignorance one should face the blue dragon.

Well we found out the depth of our ignorance the day that the blue dragon and her helpers came. For we had no answers to her devilry. Any attempt to greet the dragon, was met with a breath of blue gas which poisoned those who it touched. So we tried sending chariots loaded with black dead but that had no effect on the blue dragon. She just sent out more and more blue gas, and the people fell before it.

Testimony Six: From Unna

We thought at first she who came within the ship was Frija. Her halo of deep blue first indicated to us that she had sailed over the waves of the ocean. We knew that she must be of the gods, for she was able to sail across the sky. Many went to give respect to her when she landed at Novgorod. They were the first to die when the air turned blue and the Niohoggr came out to do her bidding. As for me I took to my ship and left as fast as I could. I left on the river Vychegdr and prayed to Odin that the river would freeze behind me, but it did not. Had not the Eagle of Velchanos rescued me and my crew, and carried us to the Stone Man. I would have been taken by the corpse eater Niohoggr, who knows only malice.

Testimony Seven: My Rongorongo

The Ariki had eyes which looked out to the sky, he was the first to see the great bird. My people called out to the great bird, we danced and shouted feleta, but then she took our fau, you call them trees. Then she shook the sea, and a strange blue spray rolled over the land, and my people lay as if dead. She sent shark like creatures and they took all who lay upon the ground. I Kaamia was afraid so I dived into the great cavern with Aukele and so we survived. I saw her go, like a flying star, then I and Aukele cried and we would have died, but the one you call the eagle found us and fetched us to the Stone Man. One day we will return to Oparo and we will carve a Moai to the Stone Man.

Testimony Eight: I am Tunlit

l am a Tunlit called Nootlin and I am dying. Some once called my people Skrealing. Of my people only the child Nuvuk lives, the eagle told me that when I asked him. He told me also that Nuvuk will lead many people back to the land of snow, once the Chachat has been defeated. The being I call the Chachat and you call Adrasteia came from the sky with the last of the tronkyin. We did not know she was a killer, till we saw the blue snow she made which sent all it touched to sleep. The blue snow has marked me and so I will die soon, even the eagle can not undo that. The eagle says he can find no one alive in my land of snow. Only those who live under the water survived along with those bears who had taken a den to give birth. Fortunately most of the animals had gone south to escape the snow that takes their food, I hope that some have survived and will one day return to what was my land.

Testimony Nine: The river that smoked saved us from Arebati’s Daughter.

The daughter of Arebati turned against us, perhaps because we had tried to steal the fire. The day she arrived was the end for my people. She was the mother of all the Negoogunogumbar’s, and they ate the children of Arebati. I was supposed to be out gathering honey but I had gone to the smoking river and entered his mouth, with my betroved. When we saw the trees falling and the air change colour, we hid behind the smoking water. Then we saw Obrigwabibikiva collecting the fallen trees and the sleeping people. So we climbed up behind the water that smoked. When we woke the next day, only we lived. All was gone, no trees and no spirit people. We travelled down river but came across no one. Silence ruled the lands of my people. When the eagle came for us, we would have hidden but there was no where to hide. The eagle says that the trees will come again but until then, we must stay with the Stone Man.

Testimony Ten: My Kujiki.

One of the spirits of the universe has visited my people, the priests sent the miko, offering friendship, but the great blue spirit sent out cascades of blue mist, sending them to sleep. Then the priest said that we should go to a sacred place, most went to the jinja, but I and Nobuko fled to a underwater cave. The evil daughter of Ryuiki must have taken all my kin, for the next day when we returned to our village we found no jinja, no trees, nothing was left. So we performed the chinkon and left. We called for the Kusanagi to avenge our relatives, but after two days the one known as the eagle found us. And so we came to the Stone Man

Jude’s Testimony as told to Benjamin

Benjamin’s father fought his way higher into the mountains, as the air below and behind him turned deep blue. He could hear his son crying with hunger, but Jude dare not stop or even slow down, least the blue engulfed him. For Jude had seen so many who fled with him, stop as their energy ran out, each had been overtaken by the blue air and Jude had seen them struggle then fall.

Step by step Jude climbed higher, he wondered how much further his strength would allow him to travel, by now although he was young and fit, he should be stopping and grabbing a rest, let alone feeding Benjamin. He had climbed nearly five thousand feet, but still the nebulas blue air trailed him. When she had been seen traveling towards his village, the village elder had told him to leave at once with his son for the vault of their ancestors. The vault was perched high almost at the top of the mountains, a three day journey if the weather was kind. Once Jude had stopped to take water from a stream, as he briefly glanced back at the valley of his village, all he could see was deep blue. On the fringes of which floated cylinders, from which emerged jellengteous creatures.

Now Jude was entering the rarified atmosphere of the mountainous peeks. Very few now where traveling towards the vault, as Jude looked back he saw the snow covered path behind him turning blue. As he reached the last pass and entered it level path he saw that the vaults entrance had been covered by a massive landslide. Only one entrance now remained higher up, a small doorway. Near it Jude saw people working with leavers, as fear took hold of him for his son he picked up his pace. Taking the carved steps two at a time his leapt into the doorway as a cascade of rocks crashed down to block the entrances. Jude and his son where roughly pulled into a tunnel as other people placed huge shaped boulders to seal the tunnel.

As Jude tried to get up and help those same who continued to fill the tunnel, he was waved back. Exhausted he allowed himself and Benjamin to be pulled back deeper into the tunnel. His breathe came hard, then he saw who approached him, Jaja the father of his wife. It had been Jaja who had first seen what the others in the village had called a blue comet. Now known as Adrastereia.

Jaja’s Story, as far as is known so far.

It had been Jaja who had talked Jude into sending his wife and older son to the tribes ancestoral home here in the mountains. It would be Jaja who had arranged for the vault to be sealed. Jaja had been the seer for Jude’s people for many years. Jaja had arrived as a young man, when his ship had been wreaked. The way Jaja saw the night sky as a map that allowed the ancients to travel had always fascinated Jude. On rare moments Jaja might talk quietly about a race that had travelled on Eagles. The Eagles were ships with vast sails that used solar winds allowing them to sail between the stars. But when the blue comet appeared Jaja had called the elders together and told them that the comet was a different kind of traveller who came and destroyed planets. And that the blue comet had driven the Eagles away.

Stone Man

How those who remained on earth kept their sanity was difficult to imagine. Removed as they were from all that they knew, transported by the eagle to my vast underground world. Having to live without the colour of nature, in fact without nature herself. Those who now lived within my underground mausoleum, with its honeycomb of passages leading to vast vault like chambers, were frighten and disorientated, unable to understand what had happened to their world.

So I made my world welcoming to them, I opened the outer doors to the gardens and increased the warmth of the light, then made sure that they would find water. I found ways to guide them to the human living quarters, for a time they cried for those they had lost. I had to find ways to rebuild their life. So I began to teach them of my world with its large reserves of life giving power and treasure that was beyond anything that they had thought possible.

I knew that it be a long time before they would find me, then even longer before they would understand my task. I needed a school where I could study them and culture their abilities, so that they might find ways to defeat those who had taken over the world, and restore the balance of nature, that was so important to me. I would have to give them time to understand my role in their world.

The Eagle

That which the people call the eagle is an ancient craft, it was the original craft which was used in the early stages of the development of the Haven. It was put into storage when it was decided to massively enlarge Haven


Benjamin could not remember if it had always been the same, he was clothed in a dark blue one piece suit, but clothed was the wrong word. For his suit was so tight fitting, it was like a second skin, and it covered all his body, except for his eyes and a point in his scalp where fine silver terminals entered his brain. The suit behaved like skin, but could not be cut. Benjamin could not now recall a time when he had not worn the suit. All exterminators wore it, when they ventured out on the planets surface, along with a respirator. Up on the surface one usually worked as part of a team. However because Benjamin had adapted so well to working in the suit and because he so fast, he often outpaced other surface works and ended up alone, in his suit he blended in with the earths restructured deep blue atmosphere.  There was little left of the planets plant life, and nothing had been seen of any other life form other than the alien invaders.  Even the air which the few survivors breathed had to be drawn from the upper atmosphere and supplemented with manufactured oxygen. Ben could just remember his great grandfather Jaja, who had worked with the Eagles to renovate and reactivate the vaults life support systems. Systems which the ancients had installed to preserve old earths biospheres. The biospheres designers had tunnelled deep into solid rock, fortunately constructing many more chambers then required. Everything had been put in place in an attempt to allow the earth and the human race to survive a catastrophe, thought few considered or expected an invasion from outer space. The few people who had reached the vaults in time had had to work fast to stop any sweapage of the toxic blue fluid from entering the vaults. Ben’s grandfather had designed the suits which allowed the small colony to venture out onto the planets surface. Everyone had a suit and kept it and a respirator close by at all times in case the toxic fluid broke though the vaults defences. The suit gave Ben everything he needed to survive, it super strength defended the body from most things except bad crush injuries the suits glosser filiments quadrupled the body’s movements and improved reaction times. Small movement jets could lift and direct the suits wears over several miles, and briefly allow the wearer to hoover over the toxic fluid that now covered much of the planet. The suit held enough oxygen for one hour, but could partly recharge itself from the upper atmosphere. Over the years most people had adapted well to wearing the suits, which were constantly being improved. Today Ben was to try out a new suit, which if it worked would allow its wearer to venture into the toxic blue fluid. Ben’s nick name was kingfisher, today he was going fishing.


Ben said when he first opened his eye’s the blue was present.


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