The Chalice and the Cauldron

This is the proposed title for my second novel, I will put snippets of the novel here in the coming years.

Chapter One: The Return – Book Two: of Joseph’s travels.

Short of breath Joseph stopped briefly to take in the his first sight of his homeland in four years.

The view across the valley was stunning, a panorama of surprises, each one of which had lifted his spirits when he returned home from his travels. Today the view before him was composed of too many shades of grey and white for him to count. He saw the snow covered hill fort at the top of Ingleborough, glittering white as a beam of sun light briefly illuminated it, and then moved on across the high fells. The cold blue of the early morning sky broken by so many clouds would have lifted his spirits almost any other time; but the message from home had driven him to travel hard and fast. The message from his sister was clear, the small family kingdom was under threat.

Joseph started down a narrow gully over grown with bare thorn bushes and sour with rank vegetation.  He stopped suddenly as his eyes took in the Viking warrior standing in the middle of the track, the warrior was of medium height, broad shouldered, his long hair in thick waves lay well down over his chest, a thick rusty gold beard was set around a ruddy red face, a face of determination and power. Two large hunting dogs stood at the side of the warrior.

To be confronted by such a warrior, close to the security of his family strong hold was disconcerting, yet the Viking was bold and stood full square across the path Joseph must take. Running was not an choice, the hunting dogs would soon  run him down. Whilst in Joseph’s present weakened state the warrior with his dogs could be more than a match for Joseph’s fighting skill. Yet running from a fight was not Josephs way, Joseph moved forward closing the gap between him and the warrior, alert and ready to give battle. Their eyes met and the warrior smiled, and kept the dogs at his side. His body language spoke of respect as he stood aside to let Joseph pass.

I have written over 160,ooo words about Joseph’s travels. I don’t know if I will ever find time to craft them into a usable  novel ! 1-04-2017

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