Travelling in Time

My way

Traveling my way

The first to walk my way? I think that they where a family of mammoths, they certainly enjoyed the sanctuary that the lee of my mountains offered. Many generations of their kin followed breaking the ground and forming the trail which would become a lifeline for thousands of years to those who followed them. What ever the weather the beaten ledges allowed those who came my way a degree of safety.
Over time those who travelled my way would change, I particularly remember the first hunters. They would marvel at the vistas I offered, but were wary of the wild bears and packs of wolves. Sometimes I would catch them smiling at the swaths of flowers which adorned my flanks. Then one who had no name settled in the lee of a place they now call Feizor. In time he was joined by a mate, who bore him offspring. A new generation now walked over my form.

In time they would flourish, as they learnt to use the resources that surrounded them. First they worked with the bones of those who had been here before them. Scrapping and paring. Then they formed fine bone implements to improve their life’s.

One day unable to find a piece of bone a young human picked up a flake of stone from the fire pit. His elders watched in amazement as the razor sharp edge easily removed the flesh from the hide of a deer. With experimenting his tribe found that only a certain type of broken stone would serve. But serve it did. When the suitable stone had disappeared, new material was fetched from further afield. Until in time the paths created by families of mammoths where in regular use by those you call stone age people.

The fire pits they dug soon had rings of unsuitable stone, it was not long before discarded branches and worn out hides where being dumped by out of use fire pits. The tribes youngest children would sometimes be placed in these pits to keep them from wandering into the shrub. After one particularly bad storm the tribe realised that the hide covered pits offered shelter. In time several pits were transformed into homes. These would be surrounded by unused rubbish and twigs, for the humans soon learned the value of this discarded material, as it alerted them to wild animals crossing it. I was seeing the first homes being developed on a path once created by wild animals.

In time this meandering tangle of accommodation became an attraction for wandering individuals. One of these was to appear carrying a stone bound to a short piece of wood. An implement that was to in time to herald the beginning of a new phase, for the humans learnt that a swinging sharpened stone had many uses. Not least to kill.

Still for a while longer children would still wander amongst the swaths of wild flowers that in spring would dress my flanks…

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